Although seat belts have saved hundreds of thousands of lives, myths continue to circulate about their ineffectiveness. Unfortunately, some who believe these myths choose not to wear a seat belt, which only increases their risk of injury. Here are some of the most common seat belt safety myths.

“You Don’t Need a Seat Belt if You’re Driving Slowly”

This is one of the most popular myths about seat belts. In fact, even at 30 mph, you can sustain a serious or fatal injury by not wearing one. This is because a body will continue to travel at 30 mph if you’re involved in a frontal collision. This is the same speed at which you would hit the ground from the top of a 3-story building.

“Seat Belts Will Cause You to Become Trapped”

Yet another popular myth is that you won’t be able to escape your vehicle if you’re wearing a seat belt and become involved in a crash. Keep in mind what happens when you’re traveling at 30 mph—your body continues to move forward.

Should you hit your head on the dashboard or window, the likelihood is high that you could be knocked unconscious. Seat belts prevent movement, lessening the chances of impact, and can also prevent you from being knocked unconscious, which greatly increases your chances of escape.

“It’s a Personal Choice That Won’t Affect Anyone Else”

The fact is that wearing a seat belt is the law. If you’re caught not wearing one, you could be facing serious charges. Our auto accident attorneys have been present at many cases where a client was injured as the result of a negligent driver who wasn’t wearing a seat belt.

Wearing a seat belt becomes very personal when a driver discovers they are responsible for injuring someone’s loved one.

“Seat Belts Restrict Your Movement and Are Uncomfortable”

Having a restrictive and uncomfortable seat belt is a common reason given by those who don’t bother to wear them. The reality is that—if they’re adjusted properly—you’ll barely notice you’re wearing one. Technically, a seat belt that’s working should restrict you from continuing to move forward when your vehicle stops, which is a positive and not a negative thing.

“Being Thrown from a Car Will Result in Fewer Injuries”

Lawyer explained to the client about the law

Although we’ve tried to understand this particular myth, the numbers simply don’t add up. Not wearing a seat belt and being ejected from a vehicle will make it several times more likely to result in fatal injury for you than wearing one.

Injured in a Car Accident? We Can Help

Even though the above myths have absolutely no truth to them, negligent drivers continue to endanger others on the road. If you have sustained a serious injury because of another driver’s mistake, you need an experienced lawyer for car accidents on your side. Schechter, Shaffer & Harris—SMS Legal—have over 45 years of helping after car wreck experiences and can get you the compensation you deserve. Book your free consultation now by calling 713-364-0723.