More than 4,000 passengers and crewmembers were stranded after an engine fire left a Carnival cruise ship disabled in the Gulf of Mexico . The Carnival Triumph was moving around 150 miles off the Yucatan Peninsula when the fire broke out.

The ship’s automatic fire extinguishing systems activated and contained the fire to the engine room, but the blaze knocked out the ship’s propulsion and left it operating on emergency power. No injuries were reported from the incident.

Between 60 and 70 U.S. Coast Guard members from the Houston-Galveston area were headed to help evacuate passengers and crew. Guests were being provided with food and refreshments and would receive a full refund, including gratuities and transportation costs, the cruise line said.

A tugboat was dispatched to the ship’s location as crews worked to restore power. The boat was to tow the ship to Progreso, Mexico, where guests would be flown back to the U.S.

The ship departed Galveston on Thursday for a four-day cruise. The next two Carnival Triumph cruises have been canceled, and guests will receive full refunds and discounts on future cruises.

If you are a loved one of a Carnival Triumph passenger or crewmember, you may call 888-290-5095 for information.

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