A 57 year old American passenger on a cruise vessel has been confirmed  dead after a gastroenteritis outbreak on the vessel. The death occurred on the MS Veendam operated by Holland America, and occurred when the vessel was docked at a port at Rio de Janeiro.

Earlier, at least 87 passengers on the vessel had fallen sick with a bout of stomach flu. However, when Brazilian health regulators boarded the vessel, they found that most of the passengers had recovered from the symptoms. Only two passengers continued to show signs of stomach flu.

The main cause of death of the American tourist has not been confirmed. It is not known if her death was linked to the gastroenteritis. Her death is being investigated by forensic doctors. According to ship authorities, the woman was diabetic and suffered from hypertension also.

The MS Veendam sailed from New York on May on a South America cruise, more than a month ago. The bout of gastroenteritis broke out when the vessel had just left from Chile. More details about the outbreak are not available, and there is no information about the source of the outbreak. However, passengers say that after the vessel left Chile, ship authorities closed access to the swimming pool and advised passengers to wash their hands regularly.

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