28 maritime pirates were taken into custody Friday by the European Union Naval Force after failed attacks targeting fishing vessels in the Indian Ocean.

In the first incident, the mission intercepted the a mother ship and two skiffs early Friday in the southern Indian Ocean between the Seycelles and Mombasa, Kenya.   This led to the arresting of 11 maritime pirates and confiscation of a rocket launcher, grappling hooks and several fuel barrels that were to be used in pirate attacks.

In the next incident, the maritime pirates attempted an attack on a French fishing vessel near two other fishing boats.  The French fishing vessel collided with the pirate vessel and sank it.   This incident led to the arrest of six maritime pirates.

In yet a third incident, maritime pirates tried to attack a Spanish fishing vessel, which alerted the EU Naval Force, and air and naval units assisted.  This altercation led to the arrest of 11 more pirates.

An increase in pirate attacks is said to be likely over the next few weeks as the monsoon season ends and the ocean becomes clearer.

On Thursday, pirates on two skiffs in the Indian Ocean attacked the Spanish fishing vessel Albacan, firing a rocket-propelled grenade, which exploded on the Albacan’s deck and burst into flames, causing only a small fire.  Armed guards on the Albacan fired shots at the skiffs and repelled the attack.

We have previously blogged on maritime piracy many times.  We represent multiple clients in the Harris County, Texas lawsuits against Maersk related to the pirate attacks on board its vessel the Alabama.

The piracy problem has been atop the headlines for many months, leaving maritime security on everyone’s minds.  As maritime lawyers, we know that seamen, especially those on vessels in pirate-infested waters continue to be at risk of an attack. Strong security measures need to be undetaken by shipping companies.

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