The submerged wreckage of the fishing vessel Foxy Lady II , reported missing with two crew members in December, was found by the U.S. Coast Guard off the Massachusetts coast. The two missing crewmembers, Captain Wallace Gray Jr. and Wayne Young, were not found.

After receiving multiple reports of fishing vessels becoming entangled by an underwater obstruction while trawling between Provincetown and Cape Ann, Mass., the Coast Guard and Massachusetts Marine Environmental Police began an assessment of the seabed. Using an underwater camera, the Foxy Lady II was found. The Coast Guard is working with state and local agencies to continue investigating the incident.

The Foxy Lady II and two of its crewmembers were reported overdue on Dec. 17. An empty life raft from the vessel was found on Dec. 19. A multi-agency, multi-day search failed to locate the vessel or crewmembers.