As an employee on a moving platform, boat, barge, oil rig, tanker, container ship, cruise ship, fishing boat, ship, or any other form of offshore vessel, you may be covered by the Merchant Marine Act.  Offshore drilling rig employees near or in water can also be covered by this law.

The Merchant Marine Act states that all goods transported via water between US ports must be shipped on US flag ships. These ships must be US-constructed and US citizen-owned, with a crew of US citizens.

If you become injured while working on one of these water vessels, you potentially can maintain a Jones Act case.  An experienced Jones Act lawyer, such as the partners of Schechter, Shaffer & Harris, L.L.P., Accident & Injury Lawyers  who have practiced maritime injury law for over 40 years, to handle your case.  When you begin searching for your maritime lawyer, it is preferrable to choose a lawyer who presently handles multiple maritime causes of action.

An injured seaman should make sure his or her chosen lawyer is well versed in all of the maritime laws, and routinely represents Plaintiffs in these cases.  Jones Act and general maritime law cases are extremely different from regular personal injury lawsuits.  Your case will benefit from representation by an attorney with knowledge of this specialized area of the law, distinct vocabulary, and relationships with maritime defense lawyers and adjusters.

Please contact our experienced legal team of maritime injury lawyers who take pride in representing Jones Act seamen and other injured offshore workers.  SMSH is here to provide you with a free confidential evaluation of your case.  Just call us toll-free at (713) 364-0723.