Your vehicle communicates with you to let you know how it is “feeling” through the various symbols, lights, and sounds on your dashboard. Ignoring warning lights, beeps, and other notifications on the dashboard could potentially lead to a car accident.

Depending on the year, make, and model, your vehicle could have a series of symbols, gauges, or even short phrases to help you discern what is wrong with it. Pay careful attention to the dashboard and the following indicators:

  • Tire Pressure Warning Light – If your tire pressure is low, the tire could blow and cause you to lose control of your car.
  • Engine Temperature Gauge or Light – An overheated engine could cause the car to stall or stop unexpectedly.
  • Check Engine Light – This light could indicate a host of system and sensor problems. To find out exactly what is wrong, take the vehicle to your mechanic and have a diagnostic test performed.
  • ABS Light – The ABS light indicates a problem with the anti-locking braking system. The ABS could fail or could engage and cause an accident.
  • Airbag and Seat Belt Lights – The airbag light will come on when there is a problem with the airbag safety system. The seat belt light illuminates if your seat belt is not on.
  • Battery Light – If something goes wrong with the electrical system, the battery light will beep at you.

Check Engine LightShould any of these or other warning lights come while you are driving, quickly find a safe place to pull off the road. The last thing you want is to be responsible for causing a car accident. When a car accident is the result of something wrong with your vehicle, you are often deemed responsible. As such, you could be sued by a car accident attorney for your negligence to properly maintain your vehicle.

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