United Parcel Service Inc. inducted a total of 71 truck drivers from Texas into its elite Circle of Honor group this year. The honor is meant to celebrate the accomplishments of truckers who manage to complete 25 years or more without a single accident. With these 71 new members, Texas now has 341 UPS drivers who are in the Circle of Honor.

As Houston truck accident lawyers and safety advocates, we were especially thrilled to note that the state’s safest UPS driver is Spring, Harris County-resident Clarence Kronenberger. Spring is just 20 miles north of Houston, and it’s great to see a truck driver in the area who has managed the impressive feat of driving 37 years without notching a single accident.

Worldwide, 928 UPS drivers were inducted in the Circle of Honor this year. It is the largest increase in new honorees in a single year in UPS history. UPS claims that its 102,000 drivers are the safest truck drivers on American roads, driving 3.3 million miles a year, and averaging less than one accident for every one million miles.

In our Texas truck accident lawyer practice, we frequently come across truckers. Sometimes, we come up against them when we hold them responsible for accidents that injure or kill innocent motorists, and other times, we represent truckers who are injured in accidents themselves. We have a high appreciation for the jobs these people do, and we know most of them work diligently to drive safely and keep others safe. That’s why it’s especially encouraging to note so many new truck drivers in Texas, who have completed the 25-year accident-free benchmark. ¬†Completing a quarter century without being involving in a single crash is no minor accomplishment, and we doff our hats to Texas’ highly accomplished UPS drivers.

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