Some of the more frequent cases that we get as maritime lawyers involve workers who have injured their foot while working on a vessel, rig, barge or tugboat. Some of the most common foot injuries are fractures, crushed feet, punctures, lacerations, cuts, burns, strains and sprains.

A worker who gets his feet caught between heavy machinery, or crushed under a heavy object could suffer from fractures or crushed bones. For instance, a worker may get his foot injured in a collision while working with heavy industrial equipment, like a forklift or crane in a shipyard, or may suffer a fracture or crushing injury that requires the amputation of a toe or foot.

If a worker is walking around without adequate foot protection, he may suffer from puncture wounds and lacerations caused by loose nails, pieces of metal and shards of glass lying around.

A worker may also be at risk of electrical injuries caused when his foot comes in contact with static electricity or sources of electricity on a vessel.

Some of the most common foot injuries that maritime lawyers come across are foot fractures, sprains and strains which are caused when a worker suffers a slip and fall accident on a vessel. These accidents can occur while a worker is working on a level surface, or when he is working on an elevation, or walking down a gangplank, a ladder or stairway. In all these cases, a worker can suffer from sprained ankles, twisted ankles, fractures, broken bones and other injuries that can keep him off his feet for several weeks.

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