Workers who work on construction refinery sites are constantly put in very dangerous situations and must always be aware of their surroundings and be attentive in case of an accident. According to labor statistics, this industry had the highest death toll in the United States between 2003-2010. 2006 was the most dangerous year with 125 fatalities. The state of Texas has the highest employment rate in the oil and gas industry and also has the highest number of fatalities occurring on-site.

No matter how careful an employee may be, sometimes the accidents that occur are outside of their control. Below you will find some of the most common injuries associated construction refinery sites.

Severe burns

The high-pressure leads to increased heat on equipment combined with flammable substances that are used on sites can be very dangerous. One mistake can cause a big explosion with blazes that are tough to extinguish. Workers who are on site suffer severe burns that can leave permanent scarring.

Exposure to toxic fumes

Workers may be exposed to toxic fumes when there is a spill or accident. It can also build up over time which leads to major health problems such as; lung disease, neurological disorders and cancer.

Hearing Loss

Construction refinery sites are very noisy, especially if there is a high-intensity noise.Workers who are continuously exposed to these conditions can experience hearing loss.

Chronic Pain

Since working on construction refinery sites is very physically demanding, it is very common for workers to suffer chronic neck, back and other muscle pain. These type of injuries can be very expensive to treat and may eventually require surgery.