Every year, approximately 5,000 families have their lives permanently alerted by an accident involving a tractor trailer or semi.  Last week, it was a family in Angleton which lost two children to a crash involving these massive vehicles.

The accident occurred at Columbus, about 70 miles from Houston. The two teenagers were on their way to the San Antonio Livestock show where they were due to display a steer. A Peterbilt 18-wheeler crossed the center median, and crashed into the teen’s Toyota and another car. The two as well as the person in the second car, a man from Hallettsville, were killed instantly.

Investigations are going on, and so far, there is no indication that alcohol use was a factor in this crash.  Our prayers and thoughts are with the family here.

Even as the probe goes on, there are any number of possible causes that will jump out at a Brazoria County truck accident attorney reading this story  Momentary loss of control over the big rig, as seems to have happened here, could have been caused by inattention, distraction, lack of concentration, alcohol and drug use, or fatigue.  Sometimes, there may be more than one factor that leads to a crash.  It will be weeks before we have the results of the investigation here.  Meanwhile, an interview with the truck driver should yield some clues.

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