Two people were injured in a Galveston auto injury accident Sunday on Seawall Boulevard.

Police officers found two people lying on Seawall near 61st street; a red Cadillac was on the side of the road. According to the driver, he was travelling west in the left hand lane of Seawall when he saw the two pedestrians walking in the road, crossing to the beach. When he saw them, it was too late to stop, according to his statement.

Although the investigation was still ongoing, police said indications were that the pedestrians crossed at a location other than the crosswalk and did not yield to oncoming traffic.

The driver showed no signs of intoxication, according to police. He was not cited for any violations at the scene. Witnesses said they saw the pedestrians carrying a beer and “stumble” into the road before the accident.

Galveston resident Paul Ward, 57, was one of the injured. Although conscious after the accident, he said he was unable to remember the details of what happened. The other injured person was unconscious and had not yet been identified.

Both pedestrians were taken to the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, with one still in critical condition.