A fire on a Norwegian cruise ship led to the deaths of two crewmembers, and evacuation of passengers on board .

The incident occurred last week, on the MS Nordly. The ship was sailing with 260 people on board, including crewmembers.  The fire broke out in the engine room and quickly spread.  Once it became clear that the fire was out of control and could not be contained, an emergency evacuation was conducted.  All passengers and crew members were evacuated.

Two crew members however, suffered fatal injuries.  Nine crewmembers also suffered injuries.  At this point, it does not seem that any passengers were injured.  All passengers and crew members were evacuated into lifeboats, and are now safe.

For a few terrifying, hours, it seemed that the vessel would capsize, after damage to the hull led to water pouring inside the vessel.  However, Norwegian authorities were able to pump out much of the water, and the danger of capsizing has now subsided.

Investigations into the accident are likely to begin.  There are no clues about the source of the fire, although by some accounts, the fire was triggered by an explosion in the engine room.

Maritime fires and explosions are some of the hazards facing workers in this industry.  From kitchen fires to hazardous material explosions, maritime lawyers find workers at serious risk of burn injuries when safety protocols are breached. Maritime fires can be prevented by ensuring that all electrical equipment and wiring is in safe condition, and storing hazardous materials and gases safely.