A fiery crash involving two 18-wheelers in Houston left one of the truck drivers dead. The accident occurred just after midnight yesterday on Interstate 10.

One of the trucks involved in the accident belonged to Academy Sports and Outdoors. The driver told police investigators that the second 18-wheeler rear ended the truck, sending the Academy trailer flipping over. The second truck which was carrying a load of deodorant, then burst into flames. Motorists on the highway tried to help the second 18 wheeler driver get out of his burning truck, but were not successful. The Academy truck driver has also sustained injuries in the crash.

The accident occurred even as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration released new findings that the rates of seat belt use among commercial truck drivers had increased by 9% over the previous year. According to the FMCSA, approximately 74% of truck drivers are wearing seatbelts now compared to 2007. States that have primary seat belt enforcement laws in place seemed to have higher numbers of truckers buckling up. Drivers employed by national carriers are also more likely to wear seat belts, compared to drivers employed by independent operators. Seatbelts can prevent a trucker from being ejected from his vehicle in case of a rollover or tip over.

As truck accident lawyers in Houston, we have been encouraged to note that there have been growing efforts to keep truck drivers safe as they travel our highways. As reported last week, efforts to get Jason’s Law passed are intensifying. The law would provide funding for expansion of truck stop and rest area facilities for commercial truck drivers.

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