The maritime lawyers at our firm are no strangers to Transocean’s sorry safety record. Now, offshore petroleum safety regulators in Norway have also criticized the company for its frequent violations of regulations.

The Norway Petroleum Safety Authority has ordered Transocean improve its maintenance oversight. The order came after an audit, carried out by the agency, found that there were serious breaches of regulations at the company.

The audit of activity at the company between January 19, 2012 and March 1, 2012, focused on certain parts of the company’s maintenance management system. According to the Petroleum Safety Authority audit, Transocean’s maintenance management system was not in compliance with regulatory requirements.

The agency found that the new maintenance management system was not user-friendly, and that it did not include a number of components and equipment data. The agency also found that the system made it difficult for users to identify and track equipment. There were also deficiencies in maintenance history.

Now, the Petroleum Safety Authority has ordered Transocean to review the management system, to conduct an investigation of the deficiencies in the system, and to determine why the company did not identify these deficiencies. The company has also been asked to develop a schedule for these tasks.

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