Consumers purchased many products for themselves and their families in 2019, assuming they were safe. Unfortunately, several products were recalled due to side effects, dangerous ingredients, and manufacturing defects. If you have any of the following products in your home, you may benefit from representation by a personal injury lawyer in Houston, TX 77006.

Food Recalls

In January, 68,000 pounds of Perdue chicken nuggets were recalled due to wood contamination. There were four consumer complaints filed, each reporting wood pieces being found in the product.

The first week of November 2019 would see a widespread salmonella outbreak tied to raw turkey meat. Although this would reach and sicken 164 people in 35 states, and cause the death of one person, no specific brand or product would be identified as the cause.

Near the end of November, romaine lettuce would be the source of an E. coli outbreak that would make several people sick. The CDC advised consumers not to buy or eat romaine lettuce until more information was gathered.

Drug Recalls

The FDA announced some significant drug recalls in 2019, and many sought help from drug recall attorneys. In January, a recent nationwide recall of blood pressure drugs was expanded to include losartan potassium tablets, as well as amlodipine valsartan tablets. The culprit? NDEA, a substance classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer as a probable carcinogen.

In February, an ibuprofen recall started a few months before was expanded to include three lots of infants’ ibuprofen for concentrations that were potentially higher than listed on the label.

Children’s Product Recalls

The worst fears of many parents were realized in 2019 when a host of children’s product recalls were issued. In February, Power Wheels Barbie Campers were recalled due to the fact that the toy kept moving even after the foot pedal was released to stop it.

In April, wooden toy vehicles sold by Target were recalled when four reports of detaching wheels and one report of a missing wheel in the package were filed. A total of 495,000 of these toys would be involved in the recall.

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More than 30 infant deaths would be the reason for the recall of 4.7 million Fisher-Price Rock N’ Play Sleepers. Unrestrained infants who were placed in the sleeper rolled over or under it. Consumers were advised to stop use immediately and to contact the company for a refund.

A line of Go Couture sleepwear was recalled after it was discovered that the sets failed federal flammability standards for children’s sleepwear. Eddie Bauer First Adventure baby carriers were recalled in October due to faulty buckles that could break and cause children to fall out.

If you have found any of the above products in your home, it’s important to review instructions from the manufacturer about your next steps. After this, calling a personal injury law firm will be key. Schechter, Shaffer & Harris, L.L.P., Accident & Injury Lawyers are top personal injury lawyers who help clients affected by product recalls. Claim your free consultation by calling (713) 364-0723.