Houston is known for having one of the worst traffic problems in Texas. The various highways and toll roads that weave throughout the city have lead to constant traffic congestion during busy evenings and weekends.

Here are some recommendations to handle the congestion:

  • leave earlier to your destination
  • carpool to decrease the amount of vehicles on the road
  • use public transportation
  • find alternative routes

Traffic can change at any minute and you can stay up to date with reports on smartphone apps, local radio broadcasts each hour and just being aware of busier times to avoid.


Lowering stress of driving

  • courteous to other drivers
  • maintain vehicle for long drives
  • have water for summer


Texas DOT project

Texas Department of Transportation just unveiled a transportation project that would encompass 14 roads in the busier and more congested areas on Texas roads. The project will use $1.3 billion to decrease congestion by increasing lanes and various ramp reconstructions. Texas DOT also will vote on a $800 million project to improve the infrastructure of the border, increase connectivity and safety, maintenance and repairs to the energy sector.

I-610/I-69 interchange, runs through Houston, will be receiving $287 million for a project that is expected to start Summer of 2017 and go until Spring 2021. These two roads are considered to be the two most congested roadways in Texas.


Texas’s Future

According to the CBRE report, Texas will have an additional 18 million vehicles on the road by 2040. Currently, the population of Texas is just under 27 million people, this implies a steep increase in population is expected. The infrastructure of Texas needs some serious considerations to account for all of these travelers.

Dallas and Houston rank lower than most major cities in the U.S. for the ability to get to work by walking, biking and public transportation. These will have to become a priority in city planning with so many people relocating to Dallas, Houston and Austin. The more residents depend on cars for their day to day requirements the more congestion they will experience in the future.