A truck driver from Lewisville had a providential escape after his tractor-trailer was involved in an accident that left the rig in flames and completely charred.

According to news reports, the accident occurred when a dump truck pulled out in front of the 18 wheeler. The rig collided with the dump truck, and the impact damaged the fuel tank. The 18-wheeler burst into flames, sending the truck spinning out of control, and into a concrete barrier. The trailer was left hanging over the side of the bridge. The truck had been hauling more than 40,000 pounds of frozen chicken.

Fortunately the truck driver, Randy Pierce was able to jump out of his cab in time. The tractor-trailer was completely burned. Two other vehicles that were in the vicinity were also damaged by the fire. Fortunately, there were no injuries reported in the accident. Investigations are going on, and they are likely to focus on whether the driver of the dump truck caused the accident by pulling out in front of the truck.

Truck accident investigations can be complex. This is especially more so if the accident has resulted in a fire or explosion, damaging valuable evidence.  In fact, explosions occur frequently after impact. When you consider that the tractor-trailer is traveling with large fuel tanks loaded with gasoline, you understand the considerable risk of explosion and fire, post-impact. Explosions that result from a tractor-trailer accident can also impact motorists nearby. In this particular accident, everyone around was extremely lucky they did not get caught in the explosion.  It was a busy day on Highway 121, and there were plenty of motorists around.

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