Texas continues to lag behind the rest of the country in implementing laws against cell phone use and texting while driving. However, if you are a parent who wants to ensure that your teenage child is not texting while driving or using cell phones at the wheel, there are a number of technologies that can help you do so.

Most such technologies involve software that shuts down your cell phone’s abilities, through an inbuilt GPS system which detects that the vehicle is in motion. This means that the person can no longer use his cell phone when the car is in motion. Parents who want to prevent their children from texting or talking on the cell phone while driving have found these technologies useful. Other technologies include jamming or detection technologies that lock a cell phone when a vehicle is going over a certain speed limit.

Entrepreneurs have found a lucrative niche in the market for products that allow parents to restrict or prevent their child’s ability to talk on a cell phone on text while driving. There are a number of technologies that are available out there. For instance, Illume Software manufactures the iZup range of products that have been developed for Blackberry and Android phones. The service costs about $20 a year and blocks cell phones, sending voice calls to voicemail and holding text messages while the car is moving.

Car accident lawyers have found teenagers to be particularly immune to distracted driving. In a situation like this, it makes sense for parents to invest in technologies that can reduce the risk of distracted driving involving their children. You cannot be everywhere to keep tabs on your teen motorist in order to keep him or her safe – it makes sense to buy software that will.