car hit a school bus earlier today in Northwest Harris County, Houston, Texas.  Three students were taken to Methodist Hospital in Willowbrook.

A green Toyota Camry pulled into the intersection directly in front of a school bus.  The bus driver couldn’t stop in time, and struck the Camry so hard that the car spun around.

The four people in the Camry were hurt.

The bus was on its way Wunsche Sr. High school.

In 2006, a bus carrying a high school girls soccer team from Beaumont overturned, killing two girls and injuring more.  The crash’s grieving families campaigned for safer bus travel for students.  In 2007, a year after the fatal soccer team bus accident, the Texas state legislature approved a bill requiring seat belts to be installed on newly purchased school buses.

Today, only six states have any kind of school bus seat-belt requirements; some have passed laws, but haven’t funded them.  A lack of statistics showing seat belts on buses save lives results in very little to no data to help lawmakers.

Texas lawmakers have designated $10 million for the initiative, and the money will be available starting Sept. 1 of this year.  Future funding will be linked to a priority list created by the Texas Transportation Institute.

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