Two gas pipeline workers were injured in League City, Texas yesterday, including one man who was pinned between two vehicles.  The two injured Texas pipeline workers were aged 28 and 48 and both worked for Troy Construction.

A medical helicopter took the 48 year-old Troy Construction worker to Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston out of fear that he had suffered internal injuries in the Texas workplace accident.  The 28-year-old worker was taken to a nearby hospital.

The work-related motor vehicle accident injuries occurred when one of the work trucks started sliding down an embankment, due in large part to slippery conditions created by a Monday night thunderstorm in the area.  The workers tried to get out of the way but couldn’t. The 48-year-old was pinned in between the truck and another vehicle.

The two men were welders who were working on a new gas pipeline construction.  They were crossing a muddy bridge when the truck slid and knocked one man down and pinned the other.  Since supervisors knew of the muddy conditions, they should have instructed their workers regarding additional safety measures or changed the work for the day to accommodate the terrain.

While media outlets have not been specific, we believe this accident could have taken place as part of the installation of a 24-inch pipeline to transport carbon dioxide to Hastings Field, a mature oil field between Houston and Alvin.  Denbury Resources Inc. is building what it calls the “Green Pipeline” from Donaldsville, La., to Hastings Field. In the most basic terms, Denbury will flood the Hastings Field with carbon dioxide, a gas that reduces the viscosity of crude oil, making it easier to extract.

Texas pipeline work can be extremely hazardous.  Texas work-related motor vehicle accident attorneys read stories about pipeline accidents almost weekly.  While it is economically advantageous to have so much pipeline work in our state, we wish that the contractors, pipeline owners and operators would make sure to work more safely.  If you or someone you care about were injured in a Texas pipeline accident, please contact the experienced personal injury lawyers; contact Schechter, Shaffer & Harris, L.L.P., Accident & Injury Lawyers  at [email protected].