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Alicia Tate

Case Type:

Mr. Harris did a phenomenal job handling my car accident case. He went above & beyond for me. Mr. Harris dealt with my case swiftly. He was always available to take my calls or he returned them promptly. His staff was friendly and always very helpful. Mr. Harris put my mind at ease many times.

Juanita Macias

Case Type:

Attorney Cynthia Huerta and her team are outstanding… Ms. Huerta was very firm and honest from the get go, answered all my questions in timely matter. We had a little trouble but Ms Huerta never gave up, she continued and the result was amazing. I want to personally thank Ms. Huerta and Ms. Granger for

Alexandra Guzman

Case Type:

First of all, I would like to thank you all for such a tremendous and outstanding assistance and of course such a professional attitude, from you to me, starting from AJ and all his crew and of course the front desk lady. That makes me feel like I was home I will rate my experience

Ian Dufrene

Case Type:

Mr. Shaffer and Ms Laura did an amazing job on getting case resolved quickly and fairly. The staff is very helpful. I recommend hands down the best attorney in Houston TX.

Wendy Gale

Case Type:

AJ Rosenfeld took care of everything when it came to the insurance company. AJ made sure we got all the medical treatment we needed from the injuries due to an automobile accident. Highly recommend AJ for legal matters.

Testimonial by Johnnie Freeman

Case Type:

“Ms. Huerta was very calm, patient and complimentary in dealing with my motor vehicle accident claim. Encouraging and protective, I felt confident in her abilities and skills. She knew when to remain calm, but she also put up a fight when she felt my best interest wasn’t being served. I would highly recommend Ms. Huerta

Testimonial by Wendorlyn Duncan

Case Type:

My experience was beautiful. Cynthia Huerta and her team were very honest and upfront about the expectations of my case.

Testimonial by: Ross Franklin Lyle Jr.

Case Type: Maritime Accident

Matt Shaffer and his team were very professional. I originally didn’t think there was too much to my case at first, but Matt dug into every detail and ended up getting me compensation that I was certainly not expecting. I liked that I was well-informed throughout the duration of my case. -Ross Franklin Lyle Jr.