More people are killed every year in accidents in bad weather, than in hurricanes and tornadoes. More than 7,000 people are killed every year in accidents that occur in foggy, snowy, icy, rainy and windy weather conditions, and most of these crashes occur not in high-profile multivehicle accidents, but in accidents involving one or 2 cars in poor weather.

Meteorological experts and safety groups unanimously agree that more fine-tuned weather forecasting techniques, and the quick dispatch of such information to motorists is key to helping prevent these weather-related accidents. A number of automakers have already woken up to the realization that many of the accidents involving their vehicles every year occur because motorists are simply in the wrong place at the right time driving vehicles that are not equipped with technology that can help alert motorists to such risks.

A recent conference on meteorological advances focused on how technology can be used to enhance information that is delivered to motorists about unsafe weather conditions on their routes.

Of specific interest is the kind of technology that can be installed in vehicles to allow the car to sense what is happening in the environment. Imagine a car that can sense the weather changes that are occurring in the environment, and derive enough information from this to share with other vehicles on the road.

Other efforts at helping reduce these accidents involve a prototype known as the Vehicle Data Translator that uses wireless technology to collect information on weather reports and road conditions, and provides motorists with up-to-date information on road as well as weather conditions.

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