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What Documentation Do You Need for Maritime Injury Cases?

If you have become injured while working at sea on navigable waters, filing a Jones Act claim can get you compensation for your injuries—but, unless you have the right documentation to support your claim, a personal injury lawyer may have trouble winning your case. Here’s what you need to ensure you have on hand when

Barge collides with Old Mississippi Bridge

  A tow travelling down the Mississippi River Thursday came to halt after one of its front barges collided with the Old Highway 80 Bridge. The tow, at the time, consisted of 30 barges carrying grain. The collision caused five barges to break free. One of them was crushed by the bridge causing it to ultimately

Oil and gas worker killed on platform in Gulf of Mexico

An oil and gas worker was killed last Saturday while working on a Talos Energy Platform in the Gulf of Mexico, just 64 miles south of Lake Charles, LA.  The worker, who has not yet been identified was removing fire suppression equipment that was reportedly out-of-service at the time of the incident. The injuries and

Maritime Law, Jones Act Cover Seamen’s Injury Claims

Maritime law covers a wide range of issues involving vessels, including how seamen injured on a vessel can receive compensation for their injuries. This area of law is very specialized and can be confusing to many. Unlike land-based workers, seamen can’t seek compensation for their injuries under state and federal worker’s compensation law. Instead, they

The Jones Act FAQs

The Jones Act, also known as the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, is a federal law that—among other things—is intended to protect maritime workers who are injured while at sea. The following are answers to frequently asked questions about this little-known legislation as it pertains to personal injury. What Does the Jones Act Do for

Seaman missing after tugboat sinking in Gulf of Mexico

A seaman is still missing after the tugboat he was on sank in the Gulf of Mexico early Monday morning. Four crew members were aboard the Crosby Commander at the time of the sinking which occurred 30 nautical miles off Louisiana. Three managed to escape in a life raft, but the fourth member was unaccounted

Common Mistakes Seamen Make in a Jones Act Case

If you’re an American who works on the water, you may have heard of the Jones Act in passing already. This statute provides employees with protection in the event of an accident when you aren’t on land, superseding international waters laws that disallow you from claiming worker’s compensation benefits when on the water. The Jones

$1.25 Million Judgment Awarded to Injured Fisherman

Fisherman Awarded Millions after Captain and Boat Abandoned Him Attorney Matthew Shaffer obtained a $1.25 million dollar judgement from a federal district court in Galveston, Texas for his client, a commercial fisherman. The 54-year-old worker from Palacios, Texas was tying lines on a commercial fishing boat when he became trapped in marsh wetlands. He injured

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