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Facts on Premises Liability

Premises liability is the type of personal injury case that occurs when a person is injured as a result of a hazardous condition on someone else’s property. Being injured on someone’s property does not automatically make them responsible for your injury. There are many different types of personal injury cases that can be classified as

Fire Breaks Out On Drilling Rig After Workers Evacuated

A fire broke out late Tuesday on an out-of-control natural gas well  off the Louisiana coast just hours after 44 workers were safely evacuated from a nearby jackup rig. No injuries were reported from the fire, a spokeswoman for the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement said. The cause of the fire, about 55 miles off the

Offshore Workers May Not Have Access to Most Effective PTSD Treatments

Any accident that occurs on an offshore oil rig or platform is guaranteed to be extremely traumatic, and result in severe distress to the workers on the rig. In some fortunate cases, workers may be evacuated from the rig or platform in time to avoid a major disaster. In not so fortunate cases, as in

Chevron Unveils New Deepwater Discovery in Gulf Of Mexico

Chevron Corporation has announced a new deepwater well discovery in the Gulf of Mexico. The well is located about 190 miles off the Louisiana coast. According to Chevron, the well which is located in 6172 feet of water and drills to a depth of 31,866 feet is still being investigated for its results. The investigation

Feds Begin Citing Offshore Contractors for Safety Violations

The Interior Department has been granted new and strengthened powers since the Gulf of Mexico offshore explosion of 2010. As part of those new powers, federal regulators have begun issuing safety violation notices to offshore contractors that they believe are guilty of safety violations. Several incidents of noncompliance have been sent to several offshore contractors

Robotic Device Helps Paralyzed Patient to Move through Mind Control

Offshore workers who have suffered a spinal cord injury, and are no longer able to move their lower limbs, may be interested in the recent development of a mind-controlled robotic exoskeleton. The device works on a command by the user in the form of a thought. Simply put, when the user who’s wearing the robotic

Feds Urge Offshore Companies to Focus on Safety

After a string of safety incidents in the Gulf of Mexico, the federal administration is urging offshore oil and gas drilling companies drilling in the region, to increase their focus on safety and oversight of their operations. The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement has released a policy statement, in which it claims that it

More Support for Federal Offshore Safety Institute

More high-ranking federal administration officials are throwing their weight behind a proposal to establish an offshore safety institute that would keep pace with growing developments in deep water drilling, and the risks arising from such drilling. Offshore injury lawyers acutely felt the need for a strong body that would be up to speed with the

Federal Administration Asks Black Elk Energy to Improve Offshore Safety

After a deadly fire on a Black Elk Energy-operated platform in the Gulf of Mexico, the federal administration asked the company to boost safety in its offshore operations. The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement informed Houston-based Black Elk Energy that it must improve safety at its offshore operations. That call from the federal agency

Black Elk Subpoenaed after Fatal Gulf of Mexico Offshore Platform Fire

Just a few days after the disastrous fire on board a shallow water offshore platform in the Gulf of Mexico, the federal administration has issued a subpoena to Houston-based Black Elk Energy. The subpoena has been issued by the US Chemical Safety Board, which is seeking details about Black Elk Energy’s safety and environmental management

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