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The Future of Houston’s Traffic

Houston is known for having one of the worst traffic problems in Texas. The various highways and toll roads that weave throughout the city have lead to constant traffic congestion during busy evenings and weekends.   Here are some recommendations to handle the congestion: leave earlier to your destination carpool to decrease the amount of

Beware of Drowsy Driving As Time Changes

On Sunday Nov. 2, people across the nation will be facing a higher risk of drowsy driving than normal after setting clocks back an hour for Daylight Savings Time. Although a little driving in the dark may not seem like it makes a huge difference, statistics show that it does. The Houston car accident lawyers at

Study Finds Many Texans Texting While Driving

According to a study released this month by the Texas A&M Transportation Institute, 3 out of 4 Texans talk on a cellphone at least occasionally, and almost 50% sometimes read or text while driving. The study results, based on responses from 3,000 drivers in the state, are no surprise to Texas car accident attorneys who

33,000 Car Seats Recalled

Approximately 33,000 Combi USA child safety seats have been recalled because of a risk the restraining straps could break in an accident. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration rejected a request from the company to be excused from a recall because the issue was “inconsequential to motor vehicle safety.” Models included in the recall are:

Houston Motorists May Be at High Risk of Drunk Driving Accidents during Daytime

The next time you see a motorist weaving between lanes, and driving in an erratic manner during an early morning commute, don’t brush it aside. It is likely that the motorist is driving under the influence of alcohol that early in the morning. Law-enforcement agencies have confirmed that incidents of drunk driving that occur early

Hands-Free Cell Phone Use While Driving Contributes to Driving Errors

A new study finds that the use of hands-free cell phones while driving increases the risk of committing major driving errors that could place a motorist at a higher risk of an accident. Broadly, many of the cell phone laws that have been passed by many states across the country have included texting while driving,

Study Makes Case for Texas to Enact Ban on Cell Phone Use While Driving

A new study makes a solid case for states like Texas, which doesn’t yet have a blanket ban on texting and the use of hand-held cell phones while driving, to move towards such a ban. The study finds that motorists in states that do have a ban on cell phone use while driving are much

In Future, Cars May Come with Silver Rating to Denote Senior Safety

If a proposal by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to add a new Silver rating to its five-star crash test rating system is successful, in the future, senior motorists may be able to determine if a car has specific features that will keep them safe in an accident. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Pre-College Chat May Help Parents, Teens Reduce Risk of Underage DUI

Underage drinking is a major contributing factor to teenage driver-related accidents in Texas every year. In fact, according to estimates, as many as 90% of all high school students will try alcohol outside the home before they graduate from high school. The results of a new study indicate to Houston car accident lawyers that parents can help

Americans Lead in Cell Phone Use While Driving

According to new research by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Americans are some of the most prolific users of cell phones while driving. The study finds that approximately one in every 3 Americans read and send text messages or e-mail messages while driving, and most American motorists report talking on the cell phone

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