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SMSH Legal remembers Deepwater Horizon client in wake of movie release

Deepwater Horizon was released nationwide today in theaters, more than six years after the explosion claimed the lives of 11 crew members and left an estimated 3.19 million barrels of oil leaking into the Gulf of Mexico.  The movie is expected to chronicle the events that led up to and during the catastrophe in what

Types of Injuries from Construction Refinery Accidents

Workers who work on construction refinery sites are constantly put in very dangerous situations and must always be aware of their surroundings and be attentive in case of an accident. According to labor statistics, this industry had the highest death toll in the United States between 2003-2010. 2006 was the most dangerous year with 125

Appeals Court Upholds BP Liability Ruling

BP suffered another court loss this week as a federal appeals court reaffirmed a June ruling that the oil giant is liable for federal Clean Water Act damages stemming from the 2010 Deepwater Horizon explosion and subsequent oil spill. The three-judge panel from the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals rejected BP’s argument that the June

BP Asks for Review of ‘Grossly Negligent’ Ruling

BP has requested a review of the recent judge’s ruling that found the company “grossly negligent” in the 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster. The oil giant filed a motion in Louisiana court, saying U.S. District Judge Carl Barbier’s ruling was based on evidence that the judge had agreed to exclude from trial. BP requests that the

Judge Rules BP Was “Grossly Negligent” In Deepwater Horizon Disaster

A federal judge ruled last week that BP was grossly negligent in the 2010 Deepwater Horizon explosion and oil spill. The oil giant has already said it would appeal the ruling, but could face fines as high as $17.6 billion in civil penalties under the Clean Water Act if the judge’s decision stands. That figure

Halliburton Agrees to $1.1 Billion Settlement in Deepwater Horizon Claims

Oil giant Halliburton has agreed to a $1.1 billion settlement in Deepwater Horizon claims. The settlement agreement was reached just over a year after the Houston-based company admitted to destroying evidence and plead guilty to criminal charges for its role in the 2010 explosion and subsequent oil spill. The agreement is still subject to approval by

Appeals Court Says BP Settlement Argument Must Be Reconsidered

BP’s fight to block millions of dollars in settlement payments to businesses along the Gulf Coast after the 2010 oil spill has taken a step forward. The oil giant has argued that settlement funds shouldn’t be paid to businesses that can’t demonstrate their losses are directly related to the spill. The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals

Federal Panel Believes in Need for More Offshore Safety Progress

The Oil Spill Commission Action, a federal panel that was formed in response to the BP explosion in the Gulf of Mexico, has released its 2nd report  on the state of offshore drilling safety. The panel believes that there have been a lot of improvements made in offshore safety since the devastating explosion that killed 11 offshore

Blowout Manufacturer Cleared in Deepwater Horizon Trial

The manufacturer of the blowout preventer which failed causing the massive Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion in 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico has been cleared by a judge of all remaining claims. Cameron International has been named as a defendant in the trial that is looking at claims of negligence by BP and several

Feds Begin Citing Offshore Contractors for Safety Violations

The Interior Department has been granted new and strengthened powers since the Gulf of Mexico offshore explosion of 2010. As part of those new powers, federal regulators have begun issuing safety violation notices to offshore contractors that they believe are guilty of safety violations. Several incidents of noncompliance have been sent to several offshore contractors

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