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Search Suspended for Missing Cruise Ship Passenger

The U.S. Coast Guard suspended the search for 33-year-old Samantha Broberg late Sunday evening after the passenger went missing while aboard the cruise ship Carnival Liberty just three days prior. Video surveillance captured Broberg climbing a railing on the 10th deck of the ship and falling backwards into the Gulf of Mexico at approximately 2

5 Dead, 3 Injured In Spain Cruise Ship Accident

Five crewmembers were killed and three injured during a safety drill when a lifeboat from a cruise ship fell upside down into the sea earlier this month. The British-operated vessel was in port when the accident occurred, with about 1,400 passengers onboard. When emergency crews arrived on the scene, the small lifeboat could be seen capsized

Class-Action Lawsuit Filed After Ill-fated Carnival Cruise

A class-action lawsuit filed Feb. 18 in Florida claims Carnival Corp. was negligent  for allowing the cruise ship Triumph to embark on a five-day cruise when it knew the vessel was prone to mechanical issues. The ship experienced an engine-room fire three days in and spent five days disabled in the Gulf of Mexico while tugboats towed

Leak In Fuel Oil Line Caused Fire On Cruise Ship Triumph

A leak in a fuel oil return line was the cause of an engine-room fire  that disabled a Carnival cruise ship last weekend, a U.S. Coast Guard official said Monday. The fire left the Triumph disabled in the Gulf of Mexico for five days and the 4,200 passengers and crew without power or working toilets. A spokesman

Triumph Comes Into Port After 5 Days Adrift In Gulf

After five days adrift in the Gulf of Mexico, the Carnival cruise ship Triumph finally came into port late Thursday night. It took several hours for the more than 4,200 passengers and crewmembers to disembark the stinking vessel, which was disabled after an engine-room fire Sunday while returning to Galveston on the third day of a four-day

Cruise Ship Triumph Limping Toward Port As Conditions Aboard Worsen

Conditions aboard the crippled Carnival Triumph are continuing to deteriorate as the vessel is towed toward port in Mobile, Ala., today. The cruise ship, which was stranded in the Gulf of Mexico after an engine room fire knocked out its four engines, is expected to arrive late tonight. The 900-foot-long vessel was expected to arrive in

Passenger Reports ‘Gross’ Conditions Aboard Disabled Cruise Ship

Passengers aboard the disabled Carnival cruise ship Triumph are struggling  with dismal and deteriorating conditions, according to one passenger. The ship is being towed to a port in Alabama after a fire in the engine room left the Triumph disabled in the Gulf of Mexico. “Elderly and handicap are struggling, the smell is gross,” said passenger

Carnival Cruise Ship Stranded After Engine Fire

More than 4,000 passengers and crewmembers were stranded after an engine fire left a Carnival cruise ship disabled in the Gulf of Mexico . The Carnival Triumph was moving around 150 miles off the Yucatan Peninsula when the fire broke out. The ship’s automatic fire extinguishing systems activated and contained the fire to the engine room, but

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