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ER Visits For Swallowed Button Batteries Has Doubled Since 1990

A new study reported in the medical journal Pediatrics today says there were nearly 66,000 battery-related emergency room visits by children younger than 18 between 1990 and 2009. The study also said the number reported annual more than doubled — from 2,591 to 5,525 — by 2009, with button batteries accounting for 84% of battery-related

Swallowed Button Battery Can Cause Serious Injury, Death

Children, especially babies and toddlers, are known for putting things in their mouths. Choking is not the only hazard to be wary of when your child has ingested something he should not — the number of button battery injuries from accidental swallowing is increasing across the U.S., and these can be a serious, even fatal,

Family Warns Of Dangers Of Button Batteries On Houston’s Channel 2

On Houston’s Channel 2 News  last night, a family shared a terrifying story. At dinner one night, Mark and Susan Sadauskas’ 1-year-old son Mark threw up after only eating a few bites. His father said that had never happened before. His mother recalled finding an old remote control on the floor earlier — the remote had contained

Button Battery Injury Warning Tonight On Houston’s Channel 2 News

Toys, hearing aids, remote controls — these all seem like safe items, but tonight at 10 p.m. on Houston’s Channel 2 News learn why button batteries that power these devices can be dangerous for your children. Button batteries, sometimes known as disc batteries, are often not thought to be choking hazards, but swallowing them can cause serious

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