It’s rare to have a trucking safety proposal that’s welcomed by the motoring public, the trucking industry and truck safety groups.  The proposal to mandate speed limiting devices on all commercial trucks is an example.  The trucking industry supports these devices because they offer a simple and convenient way to increase trucking efficiency.  The motoring public and Texas truck accident lawyers support the installation of such devices in all commercial trucks, because they prevent high-speed truck crashes.

Trucking safety groups have been calling for these devices for years, and in 2007, the NHTSA and the FMCSA invited the public to comment on the issue.  It’s 2010, and in spite of the fact that there has been strong support for mandating the devices in all commercial trucks, the administration has failed to move ahead on this.

That might soon change.  This May, the federal administration decided to get to work on a policy aimed at increasing trucking efficiency, and reducing greenhouse gases emitted by the industry.  Speed limiting devices would accomplish both of these targets, while also adding bonus safety benefits.  There is an increase in fuel efficiency of approximately 1% for every 1 mph in a truck’s speed reduction.  Most commercial trucks already come with the basic technology for the speed limiters in place.  In fact, many trucking fleets are experimenting with speed limiting devices with great success.  The proposals have been stuck for years because of inaction by federal agencies.  Hopefully, that will change now.