Every child’s favorite time of year has arrived. For most kids, summer means a break from school, from rigid routines and a return to the freedom of playing all day. If your child plans to spend his or her days outdoors with friends, don’t forget to remind them of the importance of safety.

Pedestrian Safety Tips

Whether walking to school during the year or to a friend’s house during the summer, here are some basic pedestrian safety tips from our personal injury attorneys:

Stay on the sidewalk: If a sidewalk is available, remind your children to ALWAYS walk on it, and not in the street. If no sidewalk is available, advise your kids to walk alongside the road on the far left-hand side of the street, facing traffic.

Look both ways before crossing: Remind your kids to always cross the street at a designated crosswalk. If there isn’t one, cross only at the corner. ALWAYS look both ways before crossing, and never cross between cars.

Be visible: In the early morning, evening or night time and when it’s rainy, always wear light-colored and reflective clothing and carry a flashlight. Bright colors make you more visible to drivers.

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Bicycle Safety Tips

Bicycles and summer go hand in hand. The freedom of two wheels is great for kids and a wonderful way to get some exercise in, but safety should be at the front of their minds, too. Our Houston bicycle accident attorneys have some tips to share with your family:

Wear a helmet: Without a helmet, a bicycle accident can result in a brain injury. Make sure your child wears a properly fit helmet that rides low on the forehead, with two fingers-width between the helmet and eyebrows.

Follow road rules: Kids should know the traffic rules to follow when riding a bicycle. Go with the flow of traffic, ride on the right side in the same direction as other vehicles. Obey traffic laws, signals and signs, and always yield to traffic when appropriate.

Be alert: We should all use our eyes AND ears when riding bikes. Watch for road hazards and listen for cars. Headphones should never be worn while riding a bike. Keep your eyes and ears trained on your surroundings as you ride.

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