Texas’ graduated driver’s licensing program in Texas prohibits teen passengers below the age of 21 from traveling with teen motorists. New research confirms to Houston car accident lawyers the need for rules like this.

According to the research, teenage drivers, who are driving with passengers of the same age, have a much higher risk of accidents. Additionally, the research also defines certain common characteristics shared by teen drivers who want to drive with fellow teen passengers.

One study conducted by the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, which focused on teenage motorists, found that teenagers, who were most likely to drive with teenage passengers, considered themselves thrill seekers, regarded their parents as being unable to set strict driving rules, and had a poor perception of the risks of driving.

Another study conducted by State Farm Insurance found that 71% of teen motorists, and 47% of female teen motorists whose accidents were linked to distracted driving, admitted that the distractions came from their teen passengers.

Both studies confirm that having teen passengers in a car can severely distract drivers, substantially increasing the risk of an accident. Teenage passengers seem to substantially increase these motorists’ risk of unsafe or aggressive driving practices. Inexperienced teen drivers may lack the skills necessary to interact with fellow passengers, and drive safely.