Matthew Shaffer, a maritime attorney with Schechter, Shaffer & Harris, recently filed a Jones Act lawsuit on behalf of a client who sustained injuries while working as a seaman.

Our client was working as Jones Act seaman on a vessel in the Gulf of Mexico. He was ordered in 2010 to uncoil a braided cable crane bowline without assistance and sustained serious injuries to his back and other parts of his body. These injuries have resulted in physical pain, mental anguish and other medical problems.

In 2012, our client sustained further injuries while working on another vessel owned by the same company when he was ordered to pick up and carry a heavy shackle with no assistance. This aggravated the previous back injury.

The claims for these injuries were filed under the Jones Act and allege that the defendant was negligent by failing to provide our client with adequate assistance to perform the tasks and that the injuries occurred as a result of the unsafe and unseaworthy conditions of the vessels.

The claim filed on behalf of our client demands a trial by jury and seeks maintenance and cure payments, which the defendant has refused to pay, and also seeks damages for lost wages, expenses incurred, pain and suffering, and attorney’s fees.

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