Persons who have been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder may suffer from severe symptoms, including debilitating nightmares. A new study however finds that sleep apnea treatment can help reduce such nightmares.

The study was conducted by researchers who reviewed medical records involving military veterans treated at a medical center sleep clinic between 2011 and 2012. The researchers analyzed the average number of nightmares that the veteran suffered per week, before and six months after the treatment was administered.

The treatment for sleep apnea that was used in this case is called continuous positive airway pressure or CPAP, and the researchers found that the veterans responded well to the use of the treatment. In the treatment, the airways are kept open by providing a stream of air through a mask. The person is supposed to wear the mask during sleep. This allows the person to get restful and deep sleep without any nightmares.

The researchers also found that the success from the use of the continuous positive airway pressure treatment was directly related to compliance. Once persons who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder realized that they were able to sleep well and avoid nightmares by using the mask, they were more motivated to use the treatment, and compliance increased.

Post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms usually manifest themselves after a person has suffered from a devastating life-threatening incident, like a workplace accident, maritime disaster, severe auto or trucking accident, natural disaster, explosion, fire or other such incidents. These symptoms may not show up immediately after the disaster, and in some cases may not be visible for weeks or even months after.

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