Concussions are some of the most underestimated of brain injuries, and for a very long time, these injuries were not even considered as requiring treatment. However, there has been a growing body of evidence recently that has indicated that concussions are serious injuries that must be investigated and treated. In fact, a new study finds that even a single concussion can cause long-lasting damage in the brain.

The study analyzed persons who had suffered a brain injury, and monitored them over a year after the injury. The study found that over a period of one year, these persons suffered a gradual and steady deterioration of the grey and white matter of the brain, after they had suffered a concussion. The deterioration was seen even one year after the injury had occurred. This indicates that the brain continues to suffer damage, for weeks and months after the injury has occurred.

Concussions typically occur during a fall accident or any accident where a person suffers a sudden jolt or blow to the head. When a person suffers a concussion, he may lose consciousness, although many people who suffer a concussion do not suffer a temporary lack of consciousness. The person may also suffer from memory loss, depression, anxiety, and a number of other effects that can be seen weeks after the injury has occurred.

In recent weeks, concussions have become the focus of the national dialogue on brain injury, because of the frequent and consistent concussions suffered by professional athletes as well as college and high school football players. The new research indicates that concussions do not have to be frequent or continuous, to injure the brain.

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