Three seamen have filed an $11.5 million lawsuit against their employer, Dredge Operators Inc., claiming they suffered brain and lung injuries after being exposed to epoxy and acid. The lawsuit was filed Aug. 3 in federal court in New Orleans.

The men said they suffered brain injuries and permanent disabling injuries to their lungs and other body parts as a result of inhaling toxic chemicals and dust between Aug. 31 and Sept. 9, 2009. The seamen worked with epoxy and acid in confined spaces without respiratory protection, the lawsuit claims. Dredge is accused of negligence for unsafe job assignment, defective method of work, failure to provide proper respiratory protection, and engaging in a “cover up” by claiming it was unaware the men were using an acid wash.

The lawsuit asks for $3.85 million in damages for each worker for mental and physical pain and suffering, disability, loss of wage earning capacity, punitive damages, maintenance and cure, interest, and attorney and court costs.

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