An increasing body of research is centering on the role of pedestrians in causing accidents. In recent weeks, the Houston accident attorneys at our firm have come across at least two studies that seem to be the pointing the blame for pedestrian fatalities at pedestrians themselves.

The first study by researchers at the University Of Maryland claimed that there has been a dramatic spike in accident fatalities involving pedestrians wearing headphones. According to their study, 118 pedestrians wearing headphones were killed in accidents in 2000 and 2009. That constitutes barely .3% of the total number of pedestrians killed during this period of time.

Another recent study found that pedestrians who are talking on a cell phone or texting while walking may be more at risk of veering off course, increasing the risks of being in an accident. This study was based on a grand total of 33 men and women who were blindfolded, and made to walk toward a target. A week later, the same men and women were retested. This time, one-third of them walked blindfolded, one-third used cell phones while walking, and one third were texting while walking.

The researchers say that the pedestrians who were using cell phones and texting while walking veered off course significantly.

The study is another in a body of research that is focused on blaming pedestrians for most accidents. It seems to Houston pedestrian accident attorneys that we should be paying more attention to the most important causes of pedestrian accidents, like negligent protection of pedestrian rights, recklessness by motorists, and poorly designed pedestrian infrastructure, instead of blaming victims.