If you have not paid a citation after being caught on camera running a red light, you better pay up soon!  A grace period for Houston, Texas drivers will end this coming weekend.

Vehicle owners were given a 60-day grace period to pay fines and other past-due penalties, and those 60 days are about to expire.

77,800 letters have been mailed to registered owners of vehicles that their vehicles were recorded running red lights.  If the fines are not paid by January 30, vehicle owners will not be able to renew vehicle registration.

To see if you have a pending notice of violation click here:http://www.violationinfo.com/TXHOU/Checkplate.

In related news, red light cameras are up and running in Conroe, Texas now as well.  Miya Shay reports on how the offenders are being warned for now but that real tickets will start February 4th.

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