A woman was killed in a tractor trailer accident on Monday evening on FM Road 31 in Marshall. The 42-year-old woman from Elysian Fields was driving on FM 31, when the International truck crossed into the woman’s southbound lane.  The tractor trailer struck the woman’s car on the left side, killing her instantly. The driver of the truck also suffered leg injuries in the accident.

The Texas Department of Safety is investigating the accident. According to a report by the DPS, the speed limit at the accident scene was 60mph, and roads had been made wet by recent rains.

Truck Accident Investigations Can Be Expensive

Litigation in a tractor trailer crash will include a complete investigation by your Texas truck accident lawyer. There may be a combination of factors that could have caused the accident, and a complete investigation can help isolate the cause of the crash. For instance, truck maintenance and repair records from the company will indicate if malfunctioning parts were responsible for the crash. A look at the driver’s log books will indicate the driver’s driving schedule and if fatigued could have played a role. The truck wreck itself will have to be investigated to look for clues. Witnesses at the scene will have to be interviewed Trucking experts will have to be called in.  There may be the need for other technical experts too.

All of this means that truck accident litigation in Texas is expensive and time consuming. A general accident lawyer will not be able to dedicate the kind of technical, financial and legal resources that an investigation demands. It’s important that you hire only a truck accident attorney in Texas who has experience with such cases and can invest the kind of resources necessary for a successful claim. Schechter, Shaffer & Harris, L.L.P., Accident & Injury Lawyers .