As cleanup from the Galveston Bay oil spill continued into its 10th day, officials began discussing scaling back cleanup operations.

More than 2,200 people have been involved in cleanup along the approximately 100 miles of Texas coastline that were affected by the spill, which followed a collision between a ship and barge in the Houston Ship Channel on March 22.

Discussions were being held concerning standards on how clean the affected areas will be before crews can stand down.

“The unified command works with the trustees for all the areas to develop a plan to give us an endpoint of what clean is for that area,” said U.S. Coast Guard spokesman Petty Officer Andy Kendrick.

Galveston emergency management coordinator Charlie Kelly said that, even when operations are scaled down, the Texas General Land Office would have a response team on the island in the months to come to respond to any oil reports.

Kelly also said that some areas that had been closed to traffic since the incident may be opened by the end of the week, including Boddeker Road and Seawolf Park.

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