There are many differences in how non-subscriber cases and workers’ comp cases are handled in the states that allow employers to opt out of the workers’ compensation program. This guide outlines the major ways that a non-subscriber work injury can be very different from filing a workers’ comp claim.

Because workers’ comp is no-fault, and non-subscribing employers must be partly at fault for an injured worker to claim compensation, you might need a non-subscriber work injury attorney to guide your next steps. Most often, you will need to file a personal injury lawsuit to claim full and fair compensation for your injuries under non-subscriber laws.

Have you been injured working for one of the major corporations that do not participate in workers’ compensation programs? Some of the largest employers around choose to settle their injury claims in court, rather than through an administrative process. Fully 22% of Texas employers opt out of workers’ compensation.1

Explore the differences between non-subscriber cases and workers’ comp cases in this informative graphic.



Non-Subscriber Cases and Workers’ Compensation Cases Infographic

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