It’s hard to imagine what motorists on the Sam Rayburn Tollway in Dallas must have thought when they saw a tanker truck headed towards them in the opposite direction. Luckily, the truck driver did not hit any vehicles as he drove the wrong way.

According to news reports, the tanker had struck a pickup truck. The driver then decided that he needed to inform a police officer about the accident. It’s beyond odd that the driver could simply make a U-turn on a busy highway, and proceed to drive his massive rig in the opposite direction from dozens of vehicles on a busy Thursday afternoon. He has now been arrested on suspicion of DWI.

The accident involving the tanker and the pickup truck did not result in significant injuries. There were also no accidents as the tanker drove the wrong way on the northbound shoulder to meet the officer. However, such negligent driving could easily have been the cause of a major accident.

As drivers of massive rigs, tractor-trailer drivers and tanker drivers are held to higher standards of safe driving. A tanker faces numerous challenges as he drives. These include blind spots, which can prevent him from seeing smaller vehicles, with potentially terrible consequences. However, negligent driving by truckers can often exceed the dangers of being in the driver’s blind spot. You don’t want to be around an 18 wheeler that’s barreling down the highway in the opposite direction. You also don’t want to be anywhere close to an 18-wheeler being driven by a trucker driving under the influence of medications, alcohol or drugs, or a trucker so tired, he doesn’t know which lane he should be in.

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