Professional Mariner is reporting on some new developments that are very encouraging to seamen rights advocates and maritime lawyers.  It involves the formation of a new organization dedicated to promoting the medical interests of seamen, longshoremen and other port workers, as well as cruise ship passengers.

The organization, called the International Maritime Medical Association (IMMA) will work alongside the International Maritime Health Association, which already includes maritime and port clinics as its members. The IMMA will be a non-profit organization operating from London, and will represent the medical and health interests of the international maritime industry.  The IMMA aims to act as a watchdog body looking out for the interests of seafarers, and lobbying for change where it sees fit.

Membership of the IMMA is open to anyone who is interested in seamen and their health and fitness, including port doctors and clinics, hospitals, specialized doctors, pharmacies, companies that supply medical equipment and drugs, as well as whipping companies.  IMMA will advise on issues of concern to maritime employers like proper nutrition for crews, immunizations, proper training for the vessel doctor, offshore medical advice, as well as pre-employment medical examinations. As maritime lawyers, we are all for any efforts that promise to look out for the interests of seamen, especially their health and safety on a vessel.

2010 is Year of the Seaman

In more good news for Jones Act seamen, the International Maritime Organization has dedicated 2010 as the Year of the Seafarer. This tribute goes out to the 1.5 million men and women who work on the seas. The International Maritime Organization on its website, has posted a heartwarming tribute to the seamen who work in often dangerous and hard conditions to deliver the oil, commodities and other cargo that runs our world. Little attention is paid to the seaman, who deserves more appreciation and recognition.

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Update 9/18: If you are interested in joining the IMMA or learning more, visit: