For years, it has been one of the biggest mysteries in the cruise industry. 26-year-old George Smith disappeared from his vacation on a Royal Caribbean cruise liner back in 2005. His body was never found, and speculation about his disappearance has continued since. Now, new details have emerged about his disappearance.

According to the New York Post, Smith’s family now believes that was he was escorted in an intoxicated condition back to his cabin from the ship’s disco by a group that included 3 Russian Americans, as well as a college student from California. Soon after, there was foul play, although the exact nature of this is still unclear. Part of the evidence suggesting foul play was the blood that was discovered on his cabin balcony.

According to attorneys for the family, documents that they obtained as part of a settlement as well the questioning of the 4 men who were in the group that escorted Smith back to the cabin, have begun to raise questions about their version of events. At least one of the men in the group failed a polygraph test conducted by the FBI.

When Smith disappeared back in 2005, there was little focus on cruise safety. Most Americans remained blissfully ignorant about the fact that a number of things could go wrong on a cruise vacation. Only maritime lawyers and families of victims were aware of the crimes that can take place on a cruise. However, Smith’s disappearance spotlighted the issue of safety on cruise ships, and the vast number of unreported assaults, rapes, murders and other crimes that occur on these vessels.

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