A new study that was conducted on veterans has found that persons who suffer multiple brain injuries are at a much higher risk of suicide. In the study which was conducted by the National Center for Veteran Studies at the University of Utah, researchers found that veterans who suffered more than one traumatic brain injury had their risk of suicide increased significantly. The study found one and one in five veterans who had suffered multiple brain injuries had suicidal thoughts, and suicidal fantasies.

Suicide is the number one cause of death now for American veterans, and in fact, for quite a few years now, the number of veterans dying from suicide has been higher than the number of veterans being killed during combat. There is also a massive brain injury problem in the US military, and the Department Of Defense has been trying a number of strategies to help diagnose brain injuries much better in veterans returning home from combat duty. Brain injury is also linked to symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Until now, studies have not been able to define a link between brain injury and an increased risk of suicide. However, this is the very first time that researchers have been able to confirm that multiple brain injuries contribute to a much higher risk of suicide.

It is fairly common for veterans to suffer from multiple brain injuries during combat.

This research provides valuable lessons for medical professionals who are in charge of treating veterans who suffer from multiple brain injuries. These professionals must be aware of the existing risk of suicide in these veterans, and must suggest ways to help mitigate those risks.