Texas law requiring adverse reporting of medical errors no longer exists.  No public reports are issued concerning hospital mistakes.  Patients in Texas have no real idea what hospitals are safe, what issues hospitals have had.  How can a patient make an informed decision about their own healthcare when accurate public information is not available?

There is a direct link between Texas caps on medical malpractice damage awards and an injured patient’s inability to bring a medical malpractice claim.  While the cap reduced the number of cases filed, it in no way affected the amount of medical negligence.  SMSH attorneys and others now accept far fewer malpractice cases even though the call volume has stayed the same.  So now, malpractice incidents are neither reported publicly nor come into the public eye through litigation.

As the Houston Chronicle reports, “in Texas, there is no conclusive evidence of which doctors and hospitals are committing errors, or what kinds of errors are being made.”  The article also notes “After the $250,000 cap was imposed, the number of complaints against Texas doctors to the Medical Board rose from 2,942 to 6,000 in one year. More than half of those complaints were about the quality of medical care.”

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