It is back to business as usual at the Enterprise Products Partners LP petrochemical plant near Houston already, even after the fatal fire and explosion earlier this week.  The blaze started Tuesday at the natural gas liquids storage terminal in Mont Belvieu.  The blaze was later left to burn itself out.

Both federal and state investigative agencies are looking closely into what caused the fire and refinery explosion.  OSHA, two Texas state agencies and Enterprise itself will all conduct independent investigations into the fatal incident.  While Enterprise at first reported no injuries, it is now known that one worker, Rick Shaw, was tragically killed at the natural gas plant just east of Houston, Texas.

The facility owner has reportedly shelled out hundreds of thousands of dollars in fine money over the past few years for safety violations, which include multiple other fires and other fatalities.

To prevent refinery explosions, safe containment procedures must be used for flammable liquids.  Regular inspections and maintenance is crucial for containers equipment, buildings and all items used in hazardous areas.  In this case, one wonders if the employer maintained all proper legally required systems and alarms to warn of dangerous situations like a fire or explosion.

The refinery industry is a major focus for OSHA, leading to hundreds of inspections each year.  However, the fines can be rather minor when compared to the profits these companies make.  Is the deterrent strong enough?  As we currently handle pipeline explosion death cases and other refinery injury cases on a daily basis, Texas Refinery Explosion Lawyers wonder.  For more information on the litigation surrounding the Mont Belvieu Refinery Explosion, email Schechter, Shaffer & Harris, L.L.P., Accident & Injury Lawyers today at [email protected].