A maritime accident involving a cargo ship in Kentucky caused a partial bridge collapse  last week.

According to officials, the accident occurred near the US 68/KY 80 bridge over Kentucky Lake. The cargo ship, the MV Delta Mariner, struck the bridge in the late evening. The 30-foot vessel was carrying rocket components for Boeing at the time. Fortunately, the bridge, formerly known as the Eggner’s Ferry Bridge, was designed so that only certain sections of the bridge would collapse in the event of an accident. The gap in the bridge is estimated to be approximately 300 feet wide.

Fortunately, no injuries were reported to any of the crewmembers on the cargo ship. They were also no injuries to motorists on the bridge. On an average day, the bridge carries more than 2,800 cars.

Investigations into the accident have already begun, but so far there are no clues about the cause of the crash. According to authorities, most of the navigational lights on the cargo ship were fully functional at the time of the accident. There’s some speculation that high waters may have played a significant role in causing the accident. The ship has sailed this particular route several times earlier, traveling under the bridge safely without ever being involved in an accident.

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