A new toll road designed to relieve traffic congestion between Austin and San Antonio opens today, with the highest speed limit in the nation at 85 mph. Many Texas truck drivers, though, say they’ll avoid the road due to expense and a too-high speed limit.

Texas 130 will stretch from I-10 in Seguin to I-35 in Georgetown when it’s finished later this year. The high speed limit was intended to attract drivers, but for many truck drivers, the speed isn’t too high . The American Trucking Association has argued that the speed is too high, and many truckers say their trucks have governors that don’t allow speeds that high for safety and fuel efficiency purposes.

Texas truck accident lawyers know that crashes involving big rigs have a much higher chance of serious injury or death. Accidents that involve high speed, no matter what size vehicles are involved, also have an increased risk of serious injuries and fatalities.

In addition to fuel efficiency loss at higher speeds, truckers have a much higher toll fee to contend with. For a family car, the 41-mile stretch of tollway will cost $6.17. For an 18-wheeler the same stretch of road will cost more than $24.