Personal injuries occur in all shapes and sizes. If you’ve incurred an injury, you will want to hire a personal injury lawyer to investigate your claim and assist you in obtaining a just compensation. Personal injuries often happen because of car accidents, slips or falls, work related injuries, medical malpractice, product liabilities, dog bites, and more.

Did you know that traffic accidents are the most common personal injury, with 5 million non-fatal crashes each year? Thirty-two thousand are tragically fatal, and 20% of federal civil trials are because of motor vehicle collision cases.

The second most common personal injury is due to slip and falls. Eight million emergency room visits are because of falls, totaling 21.3% of all emergency room cases. Work-related injuries are a common problem as well. 104 per 10,000 full-time workers have or will suffer work-related issues.

A whopping 20% of civil cases are due to medical malpractice. What is interesting about medical malpractice is that 93% of claims are settled before trial. Product liability, which covers everything from defective cars to dangerous drugs, makes up 13% of federal trials.

If you have been a victim of a personal injury, you deserve just compensation. Continue on to read the infographic below and hire a personal injury attorney to evaluate, investigate, represent, and advocate!

The-Many-Faces of Personal Injury Claims

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